A Lesser Known Acne Cure

For those of us that have acne, there is not a lot that is worse – it is not bad enough that the skin looks awful but treatments leave it dry and feeling stretched. Natural is the way to go if you can.


I am not going to go on about the cures that you probably know all about already but rather deal with a little known one – Palmrosa Oil. It is a pity that this is so little known – it is great for acne.


The beauty industry has known about it for quite a while but tend to keep it a bit of a secret – it is often their power ingredient.


It does have some value as an anti-septic but its true worth is in the action that it produces in cells. Cells are encourages to renew themselves and healing begins.


It helps the skin to regain its sebum balance and causes an increase in cellular turnover and healing.

It is also pretty good at cooling off the horrible ruddiness that accompanies acne. It should be noted though that it is not a miracle worker – you will not wake up with clear skin tomorrow.


The rules when it comes to this oil are simple – it needs to be diluted before it is placed on the skin or you risk harming the skin.


Some people use an oil to dilute it, others use a cream. The choice is yours and what you are comfortable with. Keep to no more than 1% of the carrier chosen. If you want to learn more, just go to http://www.proacnetiv.com/.

To really deeply treat your skin, there is hardly anything better than heat. Acne-prone skin should never be steamed though – use a warm, moist wash cloth.


Cleanse the skin to prepare for the treatment. Apply the oil. Place the wash cloth over you face and relax until cool. Pat skin dry to get excess oil off.


This treatment can be safely done once or twice a week and will help the oil to penetrate down into the lower layers of the epidermis. The wash cloth should be pleasantly warm and clean.


If you are concerned about putting oil onto your skin and making it greasier, look out for grapeseed oil. It is more astringent than the other oils.

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